• • Design •


    I've been an artist and avid designer for as long as I can remember, and it's always stuck with me as a talent to pursue. Mainly I work with print & digital, trying to keep up to date with contemporary trends in the design circuit whilst staying true to my own style and beliefs.

  • • Illustrate •


    Before design came art – mainly surrealism and portraiture – which has aided in the design I produce today. During my younger education and foundation course I have improved both my artistic skill set with pen, pencil and paintbrush, as well as digitally. and commercially.

  • • Resolve •


    I love the idea of an unsolvable problem, usually because once solved, you have produced something truly unique - something that has never been achieved before. My goal throughout my life will be to find and to solve many of these little gems before I throw in the towel.

  • • Articulate •


    As well as the above, creativity cannot exist without well written words, and word play – whether it's a poem, a pun or just plain old punctuation – is a crucial part of me and my style. Sometimes I find it's the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.

  • • Occupy •


    Advertising is my ideal career path, but I want my work to reach the minds of the blissfully unaware. With protest as a main focal point of my current design, I hope to help raise awareness and bring about a change in the way we view this rock in which we all occupy.

  • • Animate •


    Stop motion animation and also moving image pieces are painstakingly time consuming processes, but the eventual end result can create a greater impact than a print. Stories can be told easier, and messages can be conveyed clearer. I have made a few so far with more in the making.


"You have to be somebody

before you can share yourself."


- Jaron Lanier